Monthly Archives: March 2011

Fair and Balanced: Live Blogging the President’s Speech

What must Obama do in tonight’s speech? Simply put, he needs to clarify the nation’s war aims in Libya and place that in the larger context of the situation in the Mideast.  His primary audience is not the partisans on … Continue reading

The Difference Between Libya and Iraq: Obama is “Awesome”

Question: What’s the difference between Bush’s decision to attack Iraq and Obama’s to attack Libya? Answer: Obama is “awesome”! The President’s “awesomeness” notwithstanding, there’s been more than a little effort by pundits and partisans of both political persuasions to compare … Continue reading

Friedman Weighs In On the “Passionless” President – But Is He Right?

Stop me if you’ve heard this before.  New York Times columnist Tom Friedman is once again lambasting President Obama for being too passive and failing to rally the public behind his legislative initiatives. In his latest column Friedman writes: “President … Continue reading

Tennis Anyone? March Madness Hits the White House

President Obama, a huge basketball fan, once again went on ESPN to fill out his NCAA Division I tournament bracket.  (He picked Duke, Ohio State, Kansas and Pittsburgh to reach the Final Four, with Kansas beating Ohio for the championship.) … Continue reading

The Passionless Presidency?

A former White House speechwriter writes this about the President: “Sixteen months into his Administration, there was a mystery to be explained about [him]: the contrast between the promise and popularity of his first months in office and the disappointment … Continue reading