Monthly Archives: October 2010

Rest In Peace Ted Sorensen

Ted Sorensen died today, a week after suffering a stroke. He was 82. Sorensen served for many years as John Kennedy’s chief staff assistant, beginning as a research aide to the newly elected Senator in 1953 and culminating with his … Continue reading

My House Forecast: Meet John Boehner, The Next House Speaker

That’s how I see it. The Republicans will regain control of the House on Tuesday.  If you want to know the reasons why in detail, I’ll be giving the last of my election talks today at 4 at the Ripton … Continue reading

The Senate Forecast: Place Your Bets, Please

It’s time (actually past time!) for the midterm forecast/”It’s the fundamentals, stupid” t-shirt contest. As always, please, no money wagering at home. This should only be done by professionals.  All that’s at stake here is a t-shirt and, of course, … Continue reading

Is It Tea Time In America?

For local readers, I’ll be at 51 Main tomorrow (Tuesday) night beginning at 7 p.m.  to give my latest version of my midterm election talk.  Although those who have attended previous talks dating back to August know my prediction regarding … Continue reading

How Democrats Can Minimize Their Losses on November 2

How might Democrats minimize their losses on November 2?  Not by following the advice rendered by Sheri and Allan Rivlin, the authors of this Huffington Post article. The Rivlins, echoing arguments that I find on many progressive websites, suggest that … Continue reading