Monthly Archives: September 2010

Take Me To Your Leader!

Two recent columns, one by Dana Milbank (thanks to Peter Baumann for bringing this to my attention) at the Washington Post, and the second by the New York Times’ Tom Friedman, help illuminate the essence of the leadership problem faced … Continue reading

If Summers’ Gone, It Must Be Fall (Election Season, That Is!)

Last week Larry Summers announced that he would resign as director of President Obama’s National Economic Council (NEC) after the upcoming midterm elections. As the head of the NEC, Summers – working from his West Wing office – served as … Continue reading

Beware of Delaware: Why the Republican Senate Primary is Significant

In my last post I noted the historically high turnout (at least since 1990) – close to 32% of registered Republicans- in the Delaware Republican primary Senate race that was won by the Tea Party-backed candidate Christine O’Donnell.  She beat … Continue reading

The Midterm Elections: A Choice, or a Referendum?

Two weeks ago Democrats’ hopes for the midterm elections were briefly raised when the Gallup generic ballot came back showing a dead heat, 46%-46%, in voters’ preferences between the two parties. Some progressive media sites, buoyed by the poll, wondered … Continue reading

As Delaware Goes…?

The reaction among pundits to Christine O’Donnell’s surprising win over Representative Michael Castle in yesterday’s Republican Senate primary in Delaware has been interesting, to say the least.  Polling done early in this race suggested that  O’Donnell, who lost two previous … Continue reading