Monthly Archives: May 2010

Why the Minerals Management Service Should Not Be Blamed for the Oil Spill

Not surprisingly, the Gulf  Oil spill has prompted the media to shine a spotlight on the Mineral Management Service (MMS), the government agency responsible for issuing permits allowing oil companies to drill in federally-owned waters.  Stories such as this one … Continue reading

Live Blogging Obama’s Press Conference

Well, my live “streaming” video here in the hills of Ripton is more like an intermittent stream, so I’ll be limited in commenting on the video, although I have the audio going. He’s on – expect the opening statement to … Continue reading

Stop the Presses! Obama to Hold Live Press Conference in One Hour!

President Obama is scheduled to hold a news conference today beginning at 12:45 p.m. – about an hour from now.  By my count, it will be his first full-fledged conference since July 22, 2009 – just over 10 months – … Continue reading

Blame, Baby, Blame! The Politics of the Oil Spill

When bad things happen, Mother Politics abhors a vacuum. Somebody has to take the blame, fairly or not.  Usually it is the person ostensibly “in charge.”   So it is with the Gulf oil spill.  As President and “CEO” of the … Continue reading

Spill, Baby, Spill! Obama’s Katrina Moment?

As the nation’s chief executive, presidents are often assumed to be “in charge” of the executive branch’s departments and agencies. In truth, however, in our system of shared powers at the national level, presidents exercise joint control – and control … Continue reading