Monthly Archives: April 2010

Why Obama Should Pick an Appellate Court Justice to Replace Stevens

With the announcement that Justice Stevens is stepping down from the Supreme Court at the end of the current court session, President Obama has a second opportunity to fill a Court vacancy. When his first opportunity arose last year, I … Continue reading

Health Care Legislation: Is It Like Social Security and Medicare?

Several more polls have come out indicating that majority of the public continues to oppose the recently passed health care legislation, a further indication that the Obama-led post-passage publicity blitz has not turned public opinion around on this issue.  Instead, … Continue reading

We Have Seen the Tea Party, and It Is Us

Demographically, that is. Gallup has released a random survey of those who support the Tea Party movement and the findings help dispel the notion propagated on some web sites that the group consists largely of Chevy-driving bitter white males who … Continue reading

The Uzi and Me (Or, the Mysteries of the Internets)

James Fallows, the former Carter speechwriter and current Atlantic magazine columnist, has written a couple of recent columns that use Richard Neustadt’s argument in his classic work Presidential Power to analyze Obama’s handling of health care.  Fallows’  basic point is … Continue reading

Why a Slim Majority of the Public Opposes the New Health Care Bill

The full impact of the recently passed health care legislation will not be felt for a number of years, with most of the provisions not kicking in until 2014, but in the short term opposition to the legislation can be … Continue reading