Monthly Archives: March 2010

Skittles, Trolls, the Census and Congressional Representation: A True Story

Many of you have recently filled out, or will soon fill out, the 2010 Census form.  Under Article I, Section 2, of the Constitution, Congress is empowered to carry out the census. According to the Constitution, “The actual Enumeration shall … Continue reading

Health Care, Baby Killers and the President: A Few Brief Comments from the Road

I’m on the road, sans computer, and so have limited email access, but did want to comment briefly on yesterday’s votes which I managed to watch in a hotel lobby.   Let me make a few brief points, keeping in mind that this … Continue reading

Who Will Be the Democrats’ Mezvinsky on Health Care?

The just-released Congressional Budget Office projection that, if passed,  the Senate health care bill will reduce the deficit over a 10-year period promises to provide some political cover for “Blue Dog” Democrats who worry about the fiscal implications of another … Continue reading

What Will Happen to the Obama Presidency if Health Care Doesn’t Pass?

I’m working on a longer post on the latest developments in health care, but I wanted to post a brief comment addressing what I believe to be a fundamental misconception about the likely impact should health care legislation fail to … Continue reading

Is Obama Destined to Fail? The Character Question

Why is Obama headed for failure?  And what makes for a “great president”, at least during the post-World War II modern era?  According to columnist Ralph Peters, it’s primarily a question of character.  The great presidents of the modern era … Continue reading