Monthly Archives: February 2010

Hillary in 2012? Resurrecting the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuits

You knew it would happen. One year into the Obama presidency, with health care legislation stymied and the economy still shedding jobs, albeit at a slower pace, and with Obama’s approval/disapproval ratings hovering near the break-even mark, some political pundit … Continue reading

Bye-Bye, Bayh – But Why? Explaining Senate Retirements Before 2010

Why did Indiana Democrat Senator Evan Bayh decide not to seek reelection, and does it foreshadow a coming Republican wave in the 2010 midterm elections? In Bayh’s case, it is not clear that his decision was driven by a sense … Continue reading

In Honor of Presidents Day

As I have done ever since I began this blog in the late 1950′s, I post my traditional column commemorating President’s Day by remembering the late, great Richard E. Neustadt.  Until his death in 2003 at the age of 84, … Continue reading

How to Achieve Greatness? Obama and the One-Term Promise

Is Obama the worst president in the post-World War II era? Not quite.  That distinction, according to a Harris Poll taken this past January, goes to Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush.  (The poll includes FDR, who died during World War … Continue reading

VPR, “Gotcha” Journalism and Grading Obama One Year In

At the very end of yesterday’s radio segment on VPR, Jane Lindholm sprung a surprise question on me: what grade would I give President Obama after a year in office? (I know, on a radio segment devoted to evaluating the … Continue reading