Monthly Archives: January 2010

VPR, Health Care, and Viewer Mail: Did Obama Make A Mistake?

I’ll be back on Vermont Public Radio this Monday as a guest on Jane Lindholm’s Vermont Edition program.   We’ll be discussing Obama’s first year in office. You can email questions to VPR in advance – as I recall, some of … Continue reading

How High Does a Dead Cat Bounce? Assessing the Likely Impact of Obama’s State of the Union speech

The State of the Union serves three broad purposes: It is theater, in the sense of watching the nation’s political actors perform their traditional roles (greeting the president, standing, applauding) and occasionally ad-libbing (“You lie!”) – see Justice Alito’s mouthing … Continue reading

Live Blogging the State of the Union Address

9 pm. Ok. we are watching the NBC feed. Things to look forward to tonight: 1. The media narrative.  Look for lots of talk about Obama needing to “right the ship”, reassert control of the agenda, turn things around, reconnect … Continue reading

In Defense of the Senate Filibuster, Take Two

Several posts ago I defended the existence of the Senate filibuster, which has come under fire from liberals because of its impact on the health care debate.  My argument rested on three points: 1. That the increased use of the … Continue reading

What Can Brown Do For You (Senate Democrats Who Support Health Care Reform, That Is)?

He can help the Democrats pass health care, that’s what.  Indeed, the future of the Democratic health care initiative is, right now, largely in Scott Brown’s hands, and his decisions in the next week may well determine whether the current … Continue reading