Monthly Archives: December 2009

I Got A Fever, or Why We Need More Senate Filibusters

In the recent debate on health care legislation, Senate rules forced Democrats to come up with 60 votes to invoke cloture and end the threat of a Republican-led filibuster so that health care legislation could then come to a vote. … Continue reading

Health Care Reform, the Left, Campaign Promises and Christmas in Vermont: The Legislative Stocking is Half Full

When is health care reform not health care reform?  When it is largely insurance reform, which – according to critics – is precisely what the Senate is on the verge of passing.  The combination of individual mandates and no public … Continue reading

Obama, Gallup and the Purple Crayon: Worst Approval Ratings Ever?

Gallup’s daily tracking poll released last Monday, showing that Obama’s approval had dipped to 47%, “a new low for his administration to date” provoked a strong rebuke from White House spokesperson Robert Gibbs. He likened the Gallup poll to an … Continue reading

A Lawyer in the White House and the Surge in Afghanistan: Why They Are Linked

I want to take some time to comment on Sunday’s New York Times story that purports to describe the process by which Obama came to his recently-announced decision to escalate the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan with the addition of … Continue reading

Daily Kos the Prophet Warns of Impending Doom for Democrats

In a recent widely-read column in The Hill (a magazine devoted to covering Congress), Markos Moulitsas warns of impending catastrophe for Democrats in the 2010 midterms.  Under the headline “Brutal poll for Dems”, Moulitsas cites the results of a recent … Continue reading