Monthly Archives: November 2009

Tipping Points, Health Care and Tuesday’s Results

I want to follow up on my earlier post regarding Tuesday’s election, because evidently there is still confusion regarding what actually explains the recurring pattern in which the president’s party loses the off year gubernatorial elections, and the impact those … Continue reading

What Really Explains Tuesday’s Elections Results?

What explains Tuesday’s election results?  I had suggested in my posts leading up to the election that the outcomes would not be a referendum on the Obama presidency, but instead would be driven primarily by combination of local factors interacting … Continue reading

Republicans Sweep – Obama to Resign!

Actually, they haven’t quite swept – Owens may take New York’s 23rd congressional district.  But, never mind – here are the headlines so far: From MSNBC: “Election ’09 tests do not bode well for Obama” . CNN asks, “Referendum on … Continue reading

At least they could have waited for the election results

The off-year elections are still a day away but that hasn’t prevented pundits from already doing exactly what I predicted they would do after the election: interpreting the (anticipated) results as a referendum on Obama’s policies and as a bellwether … Continue reading

Will Tuesday be a referendum on Obama?

In my last couple of posts I explored the degree to which the national news media can be considered biased. I argued that if bias exists, it is not likely a function of journalists’ own political ideology, which admittedly tends … Continue reading