Monthly Archives: November 2009

Hoffman Nows Says He Shouldn’t Have Conceded

You saw this coming.  In an interview with a local New York television station today (see here), Doug Hoffman is now saying he would not have conceded the race to Democrat Bill Owens if he knew he was trailing his … Continue reading

Send Lawyers, Guns and Money: New York’s 23rd Congressional Race May Not Be Over

On this past election night, I was pleasantly surprised to read that Doug Hoffman, the conservative candidate vying to win the special election in New York’s 23rd congressional district, had quickly and graciously conceded the race when results seem to … Continue reading

Hillary to the Rescue! (You Aren’t Surprised, Are You?)

It was inevitable. The off-year elections, correctly or not, are being spun by much of the national media as a sign of Obama’s weakening political clout, particularly after he invested considerable time in both Virginia and New Jersey in an … Continue reading

Revisiting the Off-Year Elections: Was I Wrong?

An advantage that political science has over journalism is the ability to revisit an issue as new data comes in.  Under the relentless pressure of daily deadlines, journalists rarely if ever have an opportunity to come back to a story … Continue reading

A Quick Look at the House Vote On Health Care: Who Defected?

Most of you woke up to the news that the Democrat-controlled House passed a health care bill last night on an almost straight party line vote, 220-215.  Only one Republican voted with 219 Democrats to support the bill, while 39 … Continue reading