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Every Vote Counts: “Buying” Health Care Legislation in the Senate

In my last post I discussed the politics underlying today’s vote to invoke cloture in order to bring health care to the Senate floor for debate. Because it appears that not a single Republican Senator is likely to support bringing … Continue reading

Do Democrats Have the Senate Votes to Pass Health Care? Here’s What to Look For

Do Democrats have the votes to pass health care legislation in the Senate?  Political scientists have a somewhat crude but conceptually simple way of analyzing legislative outcomes that may be useful in helping understand the likely Senate voting patterns on … Continue reading

Hoffman Closing, But Not Fast Enough

After the second day of counting absentee ballots, Doug Hoffman has gained 344 votes on Owens, a pace that is not nearly enough to change the outcome of this race. According to the Watertown Daily Times , this is where … Continue reading

Absentee Ballot Counting Begins Today in NY’s 23rd Congressional District

Election officials in New York’s congressional district 23 are beginning their count of the remaining absentee ballots today and the numbers do not look good for Conservative candidate Doug Hoffman.  Although more than 10,000 absentee ballots were mailed out, the … Continue reading

Going Rouge: Palin, Polling and the 2012 Presidential Race

As Sarah Palin hits the media circuit to plug her new book, Going Rogue (she was just on Oprah this afternoon which will undoubtedly push sales for a book that is already on the NY Times best seller list even … Continue reading