Monthly Archives: September 2009

The Post-Mortem on Obama’s Health Care Speech

If, as the case increasingly appears to be, there will be at best modest changes to the existing health care system (modification of insurance coverage, e.g., forcing companies to cover preexisting illnesses; an increase in the number of individuals with … Continue reading

Live blogging the president’s speech

Before we get started, take a look outside in the Vermont skies for the space shuttle and international space station going overhead Hillary wearing red….but wait! So is Pelosi!!  Don’t they talk beforehand? We are watching the NBC feed, and … Continue reading

What You Should Know About Health Care Before Tonight’s Speech

The prevailing media consensus seems to be that Obama has bungled the health care debate and that tonight represents his last, best hope to salvage support for some type of health care legislation.  His polling numbers are down, and support … Continue reading