Would You Let Your Daughter Spend a “Day” With This Man?

According to media reports (see here), the Clintons are auctioning off a “day” with Bill Clinton as a fundraising event intended to pay down Hillary’s campaign debt. Can you imagine your daughter spending a day with that man?  I imagine they’ll start with a wakeup breakfast at Denny’s – two helpings of “pigs in the blanket” – then off to the dog track.  From there, a quick flight to Vegas to spend the afternoon playing blackjack, and then some quiet time by the pool (don’t forget the sun tan oil and box of McNuggets)  before a massage back at the hotel, a late supper and an evening at the Celine Dion show (don’t forget the personal backstage tour with Celine).

How do you think that conversation began in the Clinton household?  “Honey, I’ve got a wonderful idea to raise money.  And you won’t have to do a thing!”  Cue lamp shade flying. I don’t know what’s more astonishing: that Bill had the chutzpah to raise the idea, or that Hillary agreed to it.  If this isn’t proof that he is an amazing politician nothing is.  For the perfect conclusion, we only need Monica Lewinsky to offer the opening bid.  (Fill in cigar joke here…)

In related news, Hillary has asked Bernie Madoff to invest the money Bill raises from his “date”, and tasked Michael Moore with making the accompanying publicity video.

You can’t make this stuff up.

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