Monthly Archives: November 2008

Putting Obama’s Victory in Historical Context

Was Obama’s victory a “transformative” moment in American politics?  It was, certainly, in terms of what it says about our ability to actually live up to one of our most cherished ideals: the notion that access to the White House … Continue reading

Did Obama Redraw the Electoral College Map (I like my single malts)?

As many of you know, Professor Kateri Carmola and I made a bet regarding the outcome of the popular vote and the Electoral College vote – Kateri said Obama would break the 55% popular vote barrier and the 350 Electoral … Continue reading

Some Thoughts Before the Analysis

Long night (I entered my last post at 5 a.m.) – late start this morning. I’ll need a couple of days to fully digest the numbers coming out of last night’s events (and to catch up on sleep).  So for … Continue reading

Live Blogging From the Grille – Election Night

Ok, I have no idea how this is going to work, but I’ll try to live blog while doing the running commentary here at the Grille.  Hope you can join in, either in person or via the blog today.

The Race is Tightening! (Well, sort of)

Ok, not really. But there are potentially – I say potentially – interesting developments afoot, which has delayed (along with teaching) my presentation of the final polling results before today’s election.  Now, I don’t want you to overreact to this, … Continue reading