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live blogging the 3rd debate

Late start — sorry! great format – this is the best exchange we’ve had so far. btw, Joe the plumber is the brother in law of Joe Sixpack.  When they get together, however, the plumbing really gets a workout… 9:20 … Continue reading

9:10 -Oops, sorry late start… and we’re off! Best exchange we’ve had in three debates.  This is a great format.

Obama Got the Memo Too

  The last two days are a reminder, as we head into tonight’s debate, how hard it is for either candidate to singlehandedly change the fundamentals, particularly the impact of the economy, that are driving this election.  In my last … Continue reading

Evidently McCain Got the Memo

At least I think he did. In an earlier post I suggested that McCain needed to reverse direction in his campaign, moving away from the “Obama palling around with terrorists” angle and instead focus on unveiling an economic policy package … Continue reading

Who Will Win the Women’s Vote?

 I’ve been watching online the stump speeches of Obama, McCain, Biden and Palin in the last 2 weeks. Of particular interest has been the audience backdrop to these talks. In Obama’s case, his stage is filled with women – predominantly … Continue reading