Monthly Archives: October 2008

The State of the Race 10 Days Out

With 10 days left in the race, the political science forecast models from August are looking golden. Any progress that John McCain was making at the national level has slowed in recent days, according to the daily national tracking polls. … Continue reading

The Powell Endorsement: Why No Impact?

It has been three days since the race-changing, mind-altering shocking unprecedented Powell endorsement of Obama’s candidacy, and it is probably worth looking at the extent to which the electoral campaign was turned upside down in its aftermath.  Recall the immediate … Continue reading

Is the Race Tightening? Some State Level Results

In my last post I said the tightening of the race at the national level would mean more if it was reflected in state-level polling, particularly in the big-ticket battleground states. We are now seeing the same trend: a slight … Continue reading

No Need to Panic

Because of their typical partisan slant and intolerance for opposing viewpoints, political blogs are wonderful places for like-minded people to engage in a form of internet devotional services.  Obama and McCain supporters can get together in their own blogs, without … Continue reading

Take a Deep Breath…

And exhale slowly. Do it again. Ok, everyone calm?  Several of you have emailed me re: the Drudge Report, or other sites, reporting the latest Gallup Poll indicating that the race at the national level is a statistical tie (Gallup … Continue reading