Monthly Archives: September 2008

The use and misuse of the Internet: Banning books or banning blogging?

The Use and Misuse of the Internet to Vet Political Candidates Earlier I warned that Sarah Palin had yet to be fully vetted by the press or by the bloggers who have increasingly taken on this vetting role. Since my … Continue reading

The Palin Effect: McCain rolled the dice and it paid off (so far)

Longtime readers will note that what (I hope) sets these posts apart from most of the election-year coverage you may have been reading is that a) my posts are designed to be non-partisan; I favor neither candidate and, in fact, … Continue reading

My bounce is bigger than yours – or is it? And does it matter?

Earlier I posted a brief look at the slightly smaller than average bounce, historically speaking, that Obama received from the Democratic convention. Today I want to look at the Republican bounce: just how much did McCain gain from the Republican … Continue reading

Live blogging McCain’s speech

Ok, he’s on, after the video tribute. At the start, the most impressive part of the speech was watching how quickly his 96-year old mother Roberta stood up to acknowledge the applause. Nice touch in acknowledging Obama. Nice line re: … Continue reading

Assessing Obama’s convention bounce

Inevitably after a convention the media will try to assess how much “bounce” in approval rating the nominee received due to the extended media coverage. This is an ideal time to assess Obama’s bounce, since his approval ratings have not … Continue reading