Monthly Archives: August 2008

McCain rolled the dice and – so far – he’s a winner

As expected, the Democrats have pounced on the Palin choice as a gimmick that is both patronizing to women and directly undermines McCain’s promise to pick a VP on the basis of their ability to serve as president.¬† Moreover, it … Continue reading

Is it Biden vs. Palin, or Obama vs. Palin?

Unlike the “Republican establishment” (as reported by the NYT) faithful readers of these posts were not surprised by McCain’s decision to think outside the box and choose a woman as his vice presidential candidate. As I suggested in my previous … Continue reading

Hillary Clinton’s speech: In praise of unity, if not Obama

A cursory glance at the major media headlines confirms what I suspected would happen: the cumulative thrust of the coverage of the second day of the convention focuses on Hillary Clinton’s call for party unity on behalf of Obama’s campaign. … Continue reading

Live blogging Day 2 of the Democratic Convention

Presidential party conventions used to be filled with intrigue and suspense, as party leaders gathered to decide which candidate would be the party standard bearer. No longer. Rather than a means of choosing a party’s nominee, conventions now serve as … Continue reading

Joe Biden – lost opportunity?

As you all know by now, Obama has chosen Delaware Senator Joe Biden to be his running mate. Assuming Joe doesn’t say something off the cuff in the next two days that will get him kicked off the ticket¬† – … Continue reading