I am pleased to announce the PWT-FYSM leadership team for 2011-2012: Izzy Nuttall–Head Peer Writing Tutor Claire Bovet–Head Drop-in Tutor Ava Kerr–Head FYSM

If you are working or training as a Peer Writing Tutor or a First-Year Seminar Mentor this semester, you must attend this meeting. All: Fill out our information form. Get information about pay and training schedule New PWTS: * Collect your training folder. * Learn how to get paid * Have your picture taken. * […]

Peer Writing Tutors are available for drop-in meetings, Sunday-Thursday 7:30-midnight (except during school vacations) in the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research (Davis Family Library 225). Sunday and Thursday evenings, Peer Writing Tutors are available also in Ross and Brainerd Commons.  Peer writing tutors can, also, help with oral presentation skills. No appointment is necessary. […]

Org Session Thursday, February 10, CTLR, 4:30-6:30 Session 2 Wednesday, February 16, CTLR, 4:30-6:30 Session 3 Thursday, February 24, CTLR, 4:30-6:30 (Bring a paper) Session 4 Thursday, March 3, CTLR, 4:30-5:30 Session 5 Thursday, March 10, CTLR, 4:30-6:30 Session 6 Wednesday,March 17, CTLR, 4:30-6:30 Please bring your folder to every training session. You will be […]

At the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research, over the course of the semester, we check in with our  PWTs and FYSMs to see how they are doing, to offer advice, to help them with problems that arise. Over the first half of the semester while regular training sessions are scheduled, we see PWTs and […]

I had a great question from a tutor this week about the “funnel paragraph” popular in high school.  I’m giving you my response and Catharine Wright’s response: The “funnel intro” paragraph taught in high school is often very broad. First-years often start their intro paragraphs with sweeping observations about life, the cosmos, how great a […]

Lib 201 5-6:30PM This session has NO makeup.


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learn more at our presentation: TUES, NOV 9th 6pm in MBH 220 Overland summer leadership positions outdoor | service | writing | language | field studies overlandprograms.com/leaders Overland, a company that runs summer programs for 4th – 12th graders will be hosting their fall leader presentation on Tuesday, Nov. 9th at 6pm in MBH 220.  […]

Thursday, October 7, CTLR, Davis Family Library 225 All New Peer Writing Tutors Must Attend.  All First-Year Seminar Mentors (except previously trained PWTS) must attend. First Hour: Problems Students Face Second Hour: Educators not Editors–Working with Multilingual Students with Shawna Shapiro Optional for Trained Peer Writing Tutors. Unfortunately, optional means unpaid.  If you have a […]

Useful handouts from this session: Oral Presentation Yonna’s Rubric Tips for Talks First-Year Seminar Mentors for Academics and Writing This is a mandatory session for First-Year Seminar Mentors—even those already trained as Peer Writing Tutors and ACEs. You will learn much that you can use as a student and much for you to use in […]

How to Form a Thesis Statement Choose a Topic. What is a Topic? Define a PROBLEM within your topic. How? Explore/ Analyze the PROBLEM. How? Create a Thesis Statement. What is a Thesis Statement? Find evidence that supports the Thesis Statement. How? Organize your writing around your Thesis Statement. How? (Answers in How to Form […]

First-Year Seminar Mentor Training Session 3–Study Skills and Macro to Micro All fall 2010 and spring 2011 FYSMs must attend. Yonna will discuss Study Skills in the first hour; Mary Ellen will discuss Macro to Micro and Thesis Statements in the second hour.  For previously trained Peer Writing Tutors, the second hour is optional. Peer […]

It was wonderful to see so many Peer Writing Tutors and First-Year Seminar Mentors for Academics and Writing in CTLR this Thursday. We have 47 Mentors in First-Year Seminars, 15 Peer Writing Tutors in college writing and writing program classes, and thirteen Peer Writing Tutors conducting drop-in shifts in CTLR and Brainerd Commons. This Thursday, […]

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Trainings are sequential in order and build on each other; therefore, we expect you to attend regularly scheduled afternoon training sessions. Makeup sessions are for peer Writing Tutors and FYS Mentors who have legitimate conflicts (sports practice, orchestra, job interview, or a lecture required for a class). In advance of the regular session, please e-mail […]

Almost Done

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We’ll be completing the FYS Mentor placements for the fall in the next week.  Then we’ll be starting on Mentor assignments for spring 2011! You might be wondering how we make these assignments. You start the process in the spring or fall when you fill out your future plans form! In May or June, we […]

Many of you have received FYS Mentor assignments this week.  Thanks to all of you who responded promptly.  We’ll begin a third round of FYSM assignments next week. I still have a few Peer Writing Tutor placements to make for college writing classes.  Those will happen early next week. I’ve posted the FYSM and PWT […]

If you have been requested as FYS Mentor by a faculty member teaching a FYS in fall 2010, you should receive an e-mail with information from Yonna McShane some time today, June 18th. Yonna and I will make the next round of assignments in mid-July.

OVERLAND Spring Job Fling: Overland will have a table from 12:00 – 2:00pm in Adirondack House – Coltrane Lounge. Come by to learn more! Information Meeting: Tuesday, March 2nd at 5:00pm in Bi-Hall. Interviews: Conor and I will be conducting interviews on campus between 2pm and 5pm in Bi-Hall for interested applicants – please contact […]

Welcome to all the new and returning PWTs!  I hope you notice that we have some PWT info on our new college website. You can think about what other info you would like on this site, and we can make additions to it at any time.  Next year’s Head Peer Writing Tutors, Emma Drucker and […]

Organization Meeting— All new and trained Peer Writing Tutors must attend. (Wednesday, February 10, 4:30-6:30 p.m., CTLR Lib 225) o Collect your training folder, learn how to get paid, fill out our information form, and have your picture taken. o Experienced tutors will receive library drop-in assignments. o New tutors will begin training.

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