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Drop-in Tutoring

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Drop in Peer Writing Tutors are hard at work in three locations this semester. CTLR Sunday-Thursday 7:30 PM-midnight Brainerd Commons Sunday 8PM-midnight, Thursday 8-10 PM Ross Commons Sunday 9-11PM, Wednesday 9-10 PM Peer Writing Tutors are trained to help students with at any stage of the writing process. They are also trained to help with […]

Becoming a Peer Writing Tutor or FYS Mentor

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Students are invited to become Peer Writing Tutors or FYS Mentors if they have been nominated for the Ward Prize (for writing the best First-Year paper) or if they have been specifically requested by a faculty member to work with a first-year seminar or a college writing course. New Peer Writing Tutors and FYS Mentors […]

Learning to Write College Papers This is a site I created for one of my classes. It has helpful handouts about structure, thesis development, grammar issues, integration of quotations and more. Feel free to use these links and handouts with the students you tutor. Norton Writing Guide

As a drop-in tutor, you may work with a student anywhere in the writing process–from the first look at an assignment to helping to perfect a polished product. You job is to help the student write the best paper he or she can write (not the best paper you can write). You want to have […]

LIBRARY PEER TUTOR GUIDELINES Request Form for a Shift Attendance Policy: You will receive a warning for the first time you do not show up to your shift. The second time you are absent, you will be fired. This policy is applicable to alternates. Alternates must attend the shift that they have agreed to cover. […]

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