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learn more at our presentation: TUES, NOV 9th 6pm in MBH 220
Overland summer leadership positions
outdoor | service | writing | language | field studies

Overland, a company that runs summer programs for 4th – 12th graders will be hosting their fall leader presentation on Tuesday, Nov. 9th at 6pm in MBH 220.  Overland offer summer leadership positions for college students and recent grads to co-lead hiking, biking, language, service, writing, and field studies programs across the US and around the world.  This year Overland will offer programs in New England, Nova Scotia, North Carolina, New Orleans, the Western US, Alaska, Hawaii, Costa Rica, the US Virgin Islands, Ecuador, Peru, France, Spain and Tanzania.   Trip leaders work in male/female pairs and lead groups of 12 students from one to six weeks at a time.

In the last two years, 17 Middlebury students, more than any other college in the country, have traveled all over the world working for Overland: Reid Berrien ’08, Liana Sideli ’08, Dave Birr ’09, Ramona Richards ’09, Laurel Wickberg ’09, Will Silton ’10, Raina Crawford ’10, Emily Allison ’10, Catherine Klem ’10, Bruce Hallett ’10, RD Jenkinson ‘10.5, Dave Clark-Barol ‘10.5, Andrew Forsthoefel ’11, Emma Lennon ’11, Sara Cohen ’12, Margo Cramer ’12 and Carson Hartmann ‘12.5.

Interested students should contact Liz Kantack (liz@overlandprograms.com) to set up a brief, informal interview with us while we’re on campus. Our application is available online at overlandprograms.com/leaders.


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