Useful handouts from this session: Oral Presentation Yonna’s Rubric Tips for Talks First-Year Seminar Mentors for Academics and Writing This is a mandatory session for First-Year Seminar Mentors—even those already trained as Peer Writing Tutors and ACEs. You will learn much that you can use as a student and much for you to use in […]

How to Form a Thesis Statement Choose a Topic. What is a Topic? Define a PROBLEM within your topic. How? Explore/ Analyze the PROBLEM. How? Create a Thesis Statement. What is a Thesis Statement? Find evidence that supports the Thesis Statement. How? Organize your writing around your Thesis Statement. How? (Answers in How to Form […]

First-Year Seminar Mentor Training Session 3–Study Skills and Macro to Micro All fall 2010 and spring 2011 FYSMs must attend. Yonna will discuss Study Skills in the first hour; Mary Ellen will discuss Macro to Micro and Thesis Statements in the second hour.  For previously trained Peer Writing Tutors, the second hour is optional. Peer […]

It was wonderful to see so many Peer Writing Tutors and First-Year Seminar Mentors for Academics and Writing in CTLR this Thursday. We have 47 Mentors in First-Year Seminars, 15 Peer Writing Tutors in college writing and writing program classes, and thirteen Peer Writing Tutors conducting drop-in shifts in CTLR and Brainerd Commons. This Thursday, […]

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Trainings are sequential in order and build on each other; therefore, we expect you to attend regularly scheduled afternoon training sessions. Makeup sessions are for peer Writing Tutors and FYS Mentors who have legitimate conflicts (sports practice, orchestra, job interview, or a lecture required for a class). In advance of the regular session, please e-mail […]

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