Becoming a Peer Writing Tutor or FYS Mentor

May 26, 2010 | Comments Off on Becoming a Peer Writing Tutor or FYS Mentor

Students are invited to become Peer Writing Tutors or FYS Mentors if they have been nominated for the Ward Prize (for writing the best First-Year paper) or if they have been specifically requested by a faculty member to work with a first-year seminar or a college writing course.

New Peer Writing Tutors and FYS Mentors are paid at the B level, and the Writing Center and the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research provide them with all the training they need. All new tutors attend an organizational meeting and five training sessions. All experienced tutors attend an organizational meeting and two additional training sessions. Information about FYS Mentor training will be published on the CTLR site.

Peer Writing Tutors

provide drop-in tutoring in the Center for Teaching, Learning and Research (room 225) in the Davis Family Library and throughout the Commons and assist in college writing courses.

As a tutor, you may select the areas (depending on availability) in which you would most like to work: classroom, drop-in library tutoring.

First-Year Seminar Mentors For Academics and Writing

assist in first-year seminars.

The First-Year Seminar Mentor for Academics and Writing serves as a mentor and writing tutor for first-year students, assisting them with writing and oral presentation skills, and time and project management. The Mentor can work with students individually or in groups, either during class time or outside of class, for up to 60 hours over the course of the semester.  The Mentors will be trained, supervised, and paid by CTLR.

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