Working as a PWT in a FYSE or CW class

Working with your faculty member:

o By the end of the first week of class, you should have already met with the professor teaching the class you are tutoring and learned his or her writing goals and expectations for the class.
o Ask for a copy of the syllabus. If you are aware of when papers in the class are due and when the professor is most likely to need you, you can better plan getting work down for your own classes.
o Make sure to stay in touch with the professor during the semester—either by meetings, e-mails or phone.

Working with your class:

Meeting your class:
o Early in the semester, make arrangements to introduce yourself to the class. If you are free when the class meets, go to a class meeting. If you are not free then, you could e-mail the class to introduce yourself.
Setting up appointments with your class:
o The best way to arrange sessions with the students is by circulating a list of appointment times for specific appointments with you. We will not pay you to hold open “office hours” and wait for students to drop by. We do not have the budget to pay you for dead time. Waiting for students to just call when they need you often results in a frustrating game of phone tag, and you may find yourself either underutilized or suddenly swamped mid-semester.
o Meet your students in a public place on campus. Feel free to use the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research (New Library, Room 225). Starting the first week of the semester, CTLR is open weekdays until 5:00. Starting the second week of the semester, the CTLR will be open Sunday-Thursday until midnight. On Friday, it closes at 5:00 p.m., and it will be closed all day Saturday, and will open again at 7:30 p.m. Sunday night. Tutors, also, frequently use the Grille, Juice Bar, and MBH for meetings.

Your role in CTLR and the Peer Writing Tutor Program:

o Peer Writing Tutors assigned to classes come to Thursday afternoon training sessions and/or makeup sessions to enhance their skills, to discuss problems that arise, and to share their hands-on experience with new tutors. All PWTs attend the Organizational Meeting. New Tutors attend five MORE training sessions. Trained tutors attend THREE MORE training sessions (one of which must be session 1 or two or makeup 1 or 2).
o Please fill out and return the mid-semester electronic survey
I will send you.

o Feel free to call (x3182), drop by (CTLR Lib 225E), or e-mail me with questions, or to suggest that one of your tutees may need to meet with a faculty tutor. The professional staff of CTLR is here to help you and your tutees.

• Have a wonderful semester working with your class and thanks for your work at CTLR!


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