As a drop-in tutor, you may work with a student anywhere in the writing process–from the first look at an assignment to helping to perfect a polished product. You job is to help the student write the best paper he or she can write (not the best paper you can write). You want to have the tutee leave the session excited about making changes.

When you are tutoring in the Center, you are, also, the face of the CTLR and the Writing Program, and we expect you to be responsible and courteous (as well as talented).

Below find regulations, best practices, and tips about the expectations of writing in different disciplines. Pay close attention to the regulations about securing an alternate. Remember that you must inform Pooja, CTLR, and remind your alternate by e-mail.

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Attendance Policy:
You will receive a warning for the first time you do not show up to your shift. The second time you are absent, you will lose your shift.
This policy is applicable to alternates. Alternates must attend the shift that they have agreed to cover. Note: If the tutor fails to alert BOTH Esther and CTLR and the alternate is late, then that lateness counts against both tutor and alternate.

Alternate Policy and Handling Overflow:
It is your duty to secure an alternate if you are not able to make your shift. When you have secured an alternate tutor, inform Esther by email ( and inform CTLR by e-mail ( to let the student worker know as well. CC your alternate on this email as a reminder! Please secure an alternate 24 hours in advance of your shift.
If you are unable to secure an alternate, email Esther at least 18 hours in advance, and she will help find one for you. Please do not contact her an hour before your shift to ask for an alternate.

If there are 3 or more students waiting to see a tutor, you may call a tutor from the alternate list (to be posted in CTLR) to help you. If you are working the early shift, tell students to wait until 9:30, when the tutor for the late shift will arrive.

Warning Policy:
Warnings will be issued for failure to follow any of these policies. If any tutor accrues three warnings, he or she will lose the shift.

CTLR student worker/Library tutor relationship:
Please introduce yourself to the CTLR student worker and let him or her know that you are the library tutor for your designated shift.

Library Tutor Signs:
The CTLR worker has yellow library tutor signs that you should pick up when you arrive. Place it near you so that students can see it. Esther will be passing by CTLR every now and again to check that you are doing this. If you step out of CTLR for a moment (please no longer than 5 minutes), turn the sheet over so that the tutee knows that there is a tutor available that will be back shortly.

Documenting Tutees and Handling Overflow:
All library tutors should fill out a form to document how many students they have met with for the night as a way to track any trends and to identify when a double shift may be needed. Please leave the filled out RECORD sheet on the designated shelf in CTLR at the completion of your shift. Failure to complete this form can result in non-payment for your shift This is different from your log sheet.


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