As the academic year comes speedily to a close, it’s easy for us to just slip quietly away without getting a chance to say goodbye. Before all thoughts of Middlebury leave your consciousness, I want to thank you all for your service this year. You served in classes, as drop-in tutors, and in several other ways I’ll mention later.. You are one of the reasons Middlebury College students write so well!

I’d like to send a special thank you to our graduating seniors. We’ll miss you and hope for all good things for you in the future. I hope to see all the graduating seniors at our very special lunch this Wednesday at CTLR Here are some pictures from last year’s senior lunch. Please RSVP to JoAnn Brewer. If you have won any special awards, please let me know, and I’ll post it on our blog.

Very special thanks go to Elise and Luke who have served as Head PWTs this year. You both did a splendid job, and we’ll miss you. We are lucky to have Sarah McGowen and Esther Guidos serving as PWT Heads next year, and they are already helping with planning for next year!

A number of tutors did special jobs for us, Luke (with help from Nicki) did a great Oral Presentation workshop! Nicki (with help from many new and trained tutors) organized Thesis Nights. Scott gave me a new data base. Caitlin designed new logs sheets. Tessa, Emily, Eand Elizabeth updated our Writing Across the Disciplines sheet. Robyn, Erin, and Dan took on special tutoring assignments, and a number of you attended our special lunches: writing in math and the hard sciences, writing in the social sciences, and writing in the foreign languages. Thank you, all!

I’m working on matching tutors and first-year faculty in the next two weeks, and I’ll be e-mailing some of you about assignments soon. Placements continue throughout the whole summer, so keep watching your e-mail.

I hope to see the seniors on Wednesday and the rest of you when you’re back in Middlebury.


Mary Ellen Bertolini
Center for Teaching, Learning, and Research
Assistant Director, Writing
Lecturer, Tutor in Writing


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