Five Training Sessions

May 3, 2006 | Comments Off on Five Training Sessions

Organization Meeting

  • All new and experienced peer writing tutors must attend.
  • Collect your training folder & learn how to get paid.
  • Fill out our information form, and have your picture taken.
  • Experienced tutors will receive library drop-in assignments.
  • New tutors will begin training.

Session #1~~~Getting Started

Activities for this session include:

  • Brainstorming answers to frequently asked tutor questions
  • 15 minute version of the 30 min. tutor session

Session #2~~Macro to Micro

Activities for this session include:

  • Thesis development
  • 15 minute conference on your own papers

Session #3~~Problems Students Face

  • Survey (being a foreign language student)
  • Group Discussions of problems
    1. ESL
    2. LD
    3. Basic Writers
    4. Writing Anxiety
    5. Stress Point

Session #4~~Writing and Speaking Across the Disciplines

  • Tell us the writing expectations and guidelines of your major.
  • Getting comfortable giving oral presentations.

Session #5~~Who Else Can Help?

  • Other Offices on Campus
  • Grammar Review


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