Writing a Senior Thesis


and need help finishing?</h1puffs.jpg
Come to Thesis Nights in CTLR (Library 225)…

…for personal help from a writing tutor, trained to help thesis students

and for great snacks!


April 11-25th


Every Tuesday Night


8:30-11:30 PM




April 18th, we will have Kosher for Passover snacks, too!

Guidelines for Tutoring Thesis Students

Obviously, you will not be able to read and comment on an entire senior thesis in one setting, so here are some tips:


  • As always, attempt to put the tutee at ease with some friendly conversation. Writing a thesis is stressful.

  • Try to take your lead from the tutee and focus on his/her anxieties and problems with the thesis.

  • Find out the due date and how much time the tutee has to devote to the thesis.

  • If the problem is structure, get the tutee to discuss the major argument of the paper and find our how that argument is broken down into sections.

  • Make sure the tutee understands the expectations of his/her discipline in writing a thesis. What is the role of research sources in the paper?

  • Try to get the tutee to choose a manageable chunk for the two of you to review and discuss.

  • The amount of time you will spend with the tutee will depend on how many people (if any) are waiting. Last year, the first Tuesday was pretty slow, but things were really hopping by the final Tuesday.

  • Leave your tutee with hope, encouragement, and good ideas to keep working. Writing a thesis is lonely work.

  • Make sure to stop and get some of the lovely snacks for yourself!


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