Jeff’s Review of Resume and Cover Letter Workshop

February 26, 2006 | Comments Off

I found the event worthwhile. They emphasized the importance of tailoring your resume for each specific job, and completely rewriting your cover letter for each as well. As peer tutors, there are a few specific things we can look for in other students’ cover letters and resumes. For a resume, we can help the student use provocative action verb to describe their accomplishments, and to thin down their accomplishment to what truly are their accomplishments, because in most resumes, less is more. For cover letters, it is important to make sure the student is not using a template, (especially not one with the names of employers from other firms). We should also help them create a cover letter that is short, concise, and contains only relevant
–Jeffery Boyd

Peer Writing Tutors have two more chances to attend this workshop. Click below to see dates and to learn more.
–Mary Ellen Bertolini

Resume & Cover Letter Basics
TUE March 14 2006 04:30 P.M. to 05:30 P.M.
McCardell Bicentennial Hall 220

Resume & Cover Letter Basics
TUE April 11 2006 04:30 P.M. to 05:30 P.M.
McCardell Bicentennial Hall 104

If you attend one of these workshops please e-mail me with the date of the session you attended.


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