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Middlebury Loses to Amherst in Thriller

In case you missed it, tonight was the best game of the Division III basketball season nationwide, and one of, if not the best in this generation of the NESCAC. Middlebury lost 104-101 in triple overtime. Damon will have a piece in the paper that we will link here, but for now, check out the write-up on D3hoops here: 

Here is something we just posted to D3boards which is worth sharing:

“Nolan Thompson played about 35 minutes on Aaron Toomey, and about 20 minutes on Willy Workman. In those time spans:

Toomey: 3-11, 7 points.
Workman: 2-3, 10* points.
*6 of those 10 points: 4 points off rebounding fouls by Peter Lynch, 1 point on FT after intentional foul, 2 points on FT put-back.

In other words, Nolan Thompson held Aaron Toomey and Willy Workman to a combined 11 points in 55 minutes on 5-14 shooting. In those 55 minutes, in a game in which there were 43 fouls called and 3 Middlebury starters fouled out, while guarding the best players on the floor, Nolan committed one personal foul; it was intentional. Nolan was also the only player on either team to never go to the bench for all 55.

Think about this: What percent of the NESCAC first + second team has been shut down by Nolan Thompson this season? Vadas, Ferris, Epley, Shasha (watch the tape), Toomey, and Workman all come to mind right away. Those are probably the top six players in the league who aren’t either 1) his teammate, 2) a center, or 3) Nolan himself.

Nolan is just doing something that really deserves to be appreciated. Congratulations to Amherst on an amazing win.”

UPDATE: Here is Damon’s article

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