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On Tufts and Closing the Book on 2012

See Damon’s article in the campus, with, among other things, a great description of John Wiet’s play-of-the-year lateral to Jared Onouye.

Dodds took 13 plays to go 89 yards into the Middlebury red zone, where all went wrong for Tufts — as things tend to do during a 22-game losing streak — as Dodds and running back Jeff Weaver botched the exchange on a handoff, leading to a bouncing ball that was scooped up by Wiet.

“It was a quarterback draw and [Matt Crimmins ’14] forced the fumble and it squirted into the backfield where I happened to be,” Wiet said.

At his own 10-yard line, with nothing but daylight in front of him, Wiet took off, racing 65 yards before being dragged down by Tufts tight end Nick Kenyon. Alertly, albeit dangerously, Wiet twisted before hitting the ground and pitched the ball to Onouye who hopped over Kenyon and his fallen teammate and ran the final 25 yards for the score, sending the sideline and an enthusiastic crowd at Youngman Field into a frenzy.

“[Onouye] was attempting to block for me and [Kenyon] outran him,” Wiet said, “but I heard him off to my left saying, ‘Here to your left! Here to your left!’”

Trailing on the play, Onouye accurately determined that Kenyon was going to catch Wiet before he reached the end zone.

“I realized that [Wiet] was running out of gas,” Onouye said. “I moved to the left [which gave Kenyon] a chance, but I knew he’d pitch it to me because I’d been calling for it for a while and I knew he wanted the defense to score. After we scored I ran up to him and we just hugged each other but [we] were so tired that we didn’t actually say anything. We just went over to the sideline and called for water.”
Elated fans also wondered at Wiet’s decision to lateral the football.

“I had a few people come up to me after the play and ask me if [Wiet] was a rugby player because of his heads up play,” Chapman said. “That’s something I’ll never forget.”

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