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Post-Season Awards

All-NESCAC First Team

Quarterback: Mac Foote (Middlebury)
Running Back: Evan Bunker (Trinity)
Running Back: Ladarius Drew (Wesleyan)
Wide Receiver: Zach Driscoll (Middlebury)
Wide Receiver: Darren Hartwell (Williams)
Wide Receiver: AJ Jones (Trinity)
Tight End: Billy Chapman (Middlebury)
Offensive Lineman: Ryan Moores (Middlebury)
Offensive Lineman: John Ceccio (Amherst)
Offensive Lineman: Jacob Scheffer (Wesleyan)
Offensive Lineman: Mike Valenti (Trinity)
Offensive Lineman: Rob Wasielewski (Amherst)

Defensive Lineman: Nik Powers (Wesleyan)
Defensive Lineman: Travis Dickerson (Amherst)
Defensive Lineman: Matt Gaither (Bates)
Linebacker: Stephen Goniprow (Trinity)
Linebacker: Tim Patricia (Middlebury)
Linebacker: Griffin Cardew (Bowdoin)
Linebacker: John Durkin (Bates)
Cornerback: Jake Bussani (Wesleyan)
Cornerback: Nick Campbell (Trinity)
Safety: Julian Brown (Trinity)
Safety: Rae Haynes (Trinity)

Kicker: Joe Mallock (Williams)
Punter: Kyle Pulek (Trinity)
Returner:  Darren Hartwell (Williams)

All-NESCAC Second Team
Quarterback: Ryan Burgess (Trinity)
Running Back: Ben Crick (Trinity)
Running Back: James Stanell (Hamilton)
Wide Receiver: Andrew Grombala (Trinity)
Wide Receiver: Joe Jensen (Hamilton)
Wide Receiver: Brendan Rankowitz (Middlebury)
Tight End: Kevin Hughes (Wesleyan)
Offensive Lineman: Pete Christiani (Williams)
Offensive Lineman: John Gilboy (Colby)
Offensive Lineman: Harris Huguenard (Middlebury)
Offensive Lineman: Ling Zhou (Middlebury)
Offensive Lineman: Andrew Weiss (Trinity)

Defensive Lineman: Nathan Cyr (Trinity)
Defensive Lineman: Ryan Veillette (Colby)
Defensive Lineman: Zach Vinci (Wesleyan)
Linebacker: Gilbert Brown (Bates)
Linebacker: John Wiet (Middlebury)
Linebacker: Mike MacDonald (Hamilton)
Linebacker: Tom Szymanski (Trinity)
Defensive Back: Kyle Starr (Bates)
Defensive Back:  Donnie Cimino (Wesleyan)
Defensive Back: Dan Kenerson (Middlebury)
Defensive Back:  Andrew Kukesh (Bates)

(OPOY, DPOY, COY, and ROY picks coming soon.)

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