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When I launched One Dean’s View in September of 2007 I wanted to open up “a more direct line of communication with students.”   My belief then—and now—is that blogs such as this one give administrators and students a forum for discussing issues that get often sidetracked or shortchanged in more conventional forms of communication, such as email, campus newspaper reports, and even face-to-face meetings.  The blog also gave me a chance to follow my interests (or indulge my enthusiasms) and write about issues that have no place in memos and official institutional literature.

During the past three years, One Dean’s View has covered a variety of topics related to student life at Middlebury, and has occasionally attracted faculty, staff, parents, and alumni—as well as students—to its pages.  That’s all good, though in my posts I have nearly always tried to look at liberal arts education through the lens of the student experience.  This last perspective is critical to the blog’s purpose, and so it makes great sense for the Dean of College to serve as the chief author and overseer of the site.

Given this purpose and the fact that I am now serving as Vice President for Administration, I need to do the right thing and pass the blog on to my colleague and friend, Shirley Collado, who earlier this summer became Dean of the College.   Shirley and her team have some great ideas for further developing this space; hence, the blog will continue—better than ever.

So drum roll please  .  .  . and welcome Shirley to One Dean’s View.

8 Responses to “Speaking of Transitions”

  1. Pagan says:

    Congrats on being vice pres.

  2. Kevin says:

    Welcome to the new Dean, Shirley!

  3. joethetechguy says:

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