Tenant of the Week!

We are starting a new tradition at the Old Stone Mill of featuring one tenant’s project each week, with the hope that people from the wider Middlebury community can find out what’s happening!

This week’s (and our first T.O.T.W)  is Hannah Day. In her own words:

Tenant of the Week, 4/5/2010

Tenant of the Week, 4/5/2010

the extended brain

in a world in which we are ceaselessly subjected to ideas and messages of all kinds, whether they are directed at us or simply a thread in the tangled and ever-changing mass of information in which we are all enmeshed, we – especially those of us with the luxury of choice – end up spending much of our time trying to navigate. in pursuit of the best route, we actively attempt to prescribe meaning to our behaviors, our identities, our lives. we continually shape and reshape them so they will conform to our ideal state of being, the even-keeled vessel that will take us the right way. but while there is the meaning that we make, what is the meaning that makes us?

my project began as an attempt to understand the things that strike us – that cause even the quickest twinge within us – in our everyday lives, and what they reveal about our true natures and the kinds of vessels we really are. i have been working primarily with quotes and pieces of writing that are meaningful to me – meaningful in the sense that they make me feel something, even if i don’t understand why. although the project is personal because i am the one collecting the material, it is about discovering what we all can gain – as individuals and communities – from exploring our own intuition, when we slow down and begin to notice what connects with a deeper part of us, and to try and understand why. when we are trying to decide what is right, we may look to the blueprints of the ideal we carry around for an answer. but who are these designs right for? if we can begin to pay attention to what stirs us,  perhaps we will discover that the answers are all around us.

4 thoughts on “Tenant of the Week!

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  2. Hillary

    I like the idea of giving more importance to small things that inspire/move/motivate us in order to gain insight into “navigational” decisions. I should do more of that.


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