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Come hear the stories of your fellow students tomorrow night (Thursday, April 1) at the second Middlebury Moth

Where: The Gamut Room

When: 10:00-11:30pm

The Middlebury Moth brings you another unforgettable night of true stories told live onstage without notes.

This week’s theme is
ON THE ROAD: Stories About Travel

and will feature hilarious, fascinating and heartbreaking stories from:

Professor Kit Wilson
Linda Schiffer
Michaela Lieberman ‘10.5
Ashton Coghlan ’11
Cloe Shasha ’11
Ben Wessel ‘11.5
Andrew Powers ‘11.5
Joey Radu ’13

and the amazing Steve Small!

Don’t miss it.

And don’t forget to check out The Middlebury Moth podcast at, or at the iTunes music store

3 Responses to The Middlebury Moth

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  2. Mike Roy says:

    Okay. So how does one learn when the next moth takes place? Call me old-fashioned, but is there an email list I can subscribe to in order to figure out when the next one takes place?

  3. Ryan Kellett says:

    Every other Thursday night in the Gamut room. This is a later-night affair -10-11:30PM usually. Look out for Facebook invites starting the week of.

    I think you should share a story, Mike. Maybe something longer than your April Fools joke on your son.

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