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Dear Students,
Are you interested in learning more about the history of downtown Monterey? If  so, please sign up for the upcoming

Monterey Historical Tour
Led by Jim Conway, Museums and Cultural Arts Manager for the City of Monterey
Date: Tuesday, February 17
Time: 12-2 pm
Cost: Free

Sign up by visiting the Student Affairs reception desk during our normal business hours.  Space is limited to 20 persons. Please sign up asap and no later than Friday, February 13th, to reserve your space in the tour.

Greetings from the Office of International Services!

Starting tomorrow, February 6, 2009, OIS will hold weekly live information sessions.  These sessions are a great opportunity to ask questions which cannot be answered in the pre-arrival videos. The sessions are held for all new international students and cover a variety of topics related to immigration, student status and visas.

Participants are encouraged to bring questions and should plan on spending approximately one hour in each session.  The format of the session will include a brief overview of a number of interesting topics followed by questions and answers from the participants.

All live information sessions are held weekly on Fridays at both 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time. If these times do not work for you and you would like arrange a custom time, please contact Kathy Sparaco, manager of International Services, directly at:  kathy.sparaco@miis.edu

Please access the web sessions through the following site:


If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact us at OIS.

Kindest regards,

The OIS Staff

Room Reserve Policies

Monterey Institute Faculty, Staff, and Students:

As a reminder for the spring semester, I have attached the Institute’s Venue
Reservation policy. For full details on the new policy, please read the entire
attachment.  As a quick guideline, a summary is provided below.

Email room.reserve@miis.edu for the following:
        Special events
        Non-T&I study groups
        All outside events
        All Boardroom and Samson Center requests
        Club events

Email records@miis.edu for the following:
        classes/class changes

Email Karen.Weiss@miis.edu for the following:
        All T&I study groups that require T&I equipment
        All requests for any Simulab, the IIRC, or the MML

For your convenience, you can view the R25 Webviewer system to see what rooms
might be available in advance of requesting them.
To access the R25 Webviewer, go to http://buck.middlebury.edu/wv3miis.

Requests should be received a minimum of 48 hours in advance.  Most requests
will be responded to within 2 working days.

Requests must include:  date, start time, end time, # of participants, subject,
and point of contact. (Without this information, your request can not be
processed and will result in a delay.)

Requests for rooms will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis.

All student club events must be approved by Ashley Arrocha in Student Affairs
before the reservation is made.

We have made many changes to our campus this semester and as a result, we have
reserved some rooms for study. They are available to anyone or any group
wanting a quiet place to study. They will be available at the following times:

Morse rooms A200, A201, A202, A203, A204, A205
Sunday thru Thursday:           6:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.

Morse room A202
Monday thru Friday:             11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

These rooms are available on a first-come first-served basis. All the rooms
can accomodate 11 people, so please feel free to study quietly alongside

Thank you and have a great semester!

Wendy Melvin

PDF: venue-reservation-policy-sp09

Lab and Media Services

Here is a reminder for how to request services at Lab and Media Services

Hi all,
 Just a customer service reminder for everyone to help kick off the the
next semester.  Some of us still have some confusion about Lab and Media
Services functions and how to request services.  Here are some easy simple
tips.  Keep in mind advanced notice is necessary to make sure we have the time
to fill the request the equipment available and not reserved or the request is
something we are equipped to do and we have time to tell you how to interact
with the setup:

1.  Request for a classroom media,  audio or visual, should be sent to media
services on FirstClass.
 media.services@miis.edu  Request made any other way other than filling
out the form at the counter or emailing this address may be lost despite our
best efforts and should not be considered as acknowledged.
2.  Let us know if this is a one time event or reoccurring event.
3.  If you are not sure what it takes to setup the event or fill the request
please stop by and speak with the service personnel or make an appointment
with Norman Metcalfe or Vince Mascal (specify in your written request so that
we can contact you or visit the LMS center).
4.  In general we do not provided consumable for user checking out equipment
such as batteries tapes and disk.
5.  If you make a request by emailing Lab and Media Services and have no
response in 24 hours please call   647-4150.
6.  If you follow this procedure and do not get customer satisfaction call
831-277-0671.  This number is not an alternative way to make a request.
This to make sure you get customer satisfaction when using he procedure above. 

N o r m a n  Metcalfe
Monterey Institute of International Studies Information Systems Department Lab
and Media Services (LMS) Manager
448 Pacific Street
Monterey, CA 93940
OFFICE           647-4109 or 4150

Are you interested in starting or continuing a Student Club?

If so, please come to the Student Affairs Office, and meet with Shawna Routh, by Wednesday, February 11th, to sign-up to share a table at the Club Activities Fair. The Club Activities Fair will be your chance to publicize your club and solicit membership for the spring 2009 semester.

If you would like to make a sign or banner for your table, please feel free to use the paper, markers, and paint in the Student Activities Room (basement of the Morse Building). Remember to make smaller signs/banners as all clubs will be sharing 6′ or 8′ tables.

Club Activities Fair
Thursday, February 12th
12pm to 2 pm
Samson Student Center

Please note that there will be a MANDATORY New Club Orientation on Thursday, February 19th at 12:15 in room B104. All newly created clubs must have an officer or responsible member in attendance in order to be a spring 2009 recognized Club and to receive funding. All continuing clubs are not required to attend this meeting. At this meeting you will turn in your club applications, budget proposals and learn about club policies.


Open Study Rooms

Please note this message from the President’s Office regarding open study rooms:

Monterey Institute Students:

In an effort to provide additional student studying space during the evening
hours, the following rooms in the Morse Building will be available from 6PM –
11PM Sunday through Thursday for open studying:

A200, A201, A202, A203, A204, A205

In addition, A202 will be available for open study during the lunch hour from
11AM – 2PM Monday –  Friday, to free up tables in the Samson Center for dining. 
Please note that beginning later this week, the two rows of tables in the
Samson Dining Room will be reserved for diners-only during these hours. 

Barbara Burke
Executive Assistant to the President

Renovations have been completed on the Monterey Institute apartment building located at the corner of Van Buren and Franklin Streets. This project, headed by Controller Steve Marino, has resulted in a completely remodeled building that will provide market-rate housing for Institute faculty and staff and a guesthouse unit for VIPs and other Institute visitors. The apartment’s landscaping was designed and completed by Classroom and Grounds Supervisor Marty Goss and Classroom and Grounds Assistant Kirk Eckhardt and incorporates drought-resistant plants and drip irrigation.

This building has incorporated the following green improvements in order to comply with new Monterey Green Building Codes, emphasize our commitment to sustainability, and provide a comfortable, healthy environment for those occupying the house.

• Plumbing: Installation of high-performance, low-flow showerheads, low-flow faucets, insulated plumbing and pipes (to keep heat from escaping), and low-flow toilets.

• Energy: The building will have 95% efficient furnaces, a high-efficiency water heater, and a vent kitchen range hood to the outside (in order to keep pollutions and odors from contaminating the house).
• Flooring: 
–  Recycled-content tile and low volatile organic compound (VOC), water-based wood finishes.
 – Recycled-content, non-toxic, tack-down carpet, padding and underlayment (Recycled content: PET plastic bottles, recycled wool, nylon, or recycled cotton. Tack-down installation is easier to remove than glue-down, eliminates toxic glue chemicals, and allows the carpeting to be partially recycled at the “end” of its life.).

• Paint: The paint used in this building is low VOC.
• Reuse/Recycling: Construction and deconstruction waste was reused and job site waste was recycled to the extent possible.

Over the semester break, the Samson Center Dining Room has undergone renovations designed to provide students with a more comfortable and efficient environment for both dining and study.  The newly revamped Dining Room will re-open on February 2nd, with expanded seating and an exciting new food service vendor, “The World Cafe”. 

“The World Cafe” will initially be open Monday – Friday from 7:30AM to 7:00PM, serving a variety of menu options, including breakfast cereals, grilled items, roasted chicken, fish, vegetarian options, and Mexican and Asian cuisine, among others.  “The World Cafe” will also feature cappuccinos and espressos.  Stop by and try them out soon and keep your eye out for additional postings of their menu and other features. 

***Please note that the two rows of tables closest to the food service area will be reserved for “dining only” from 11AM – 2PM Monday through Friday.***

New renovations in the Dining Room  include:

* Three newly installed countertop workstations and accompanied new seating, with additional electrical outlets for laptops.
* Four new cafe-style tables and new seating.  
* New, comfortable four-inch seat cushions on all chairs in the Dining Room.
*More Space to “Plug In” and Get Straight to Work (without taking up tables!)

MIIS Soccer Tryouts

Please note this message from Rafael Burgos regarding MIIS Soccer tryouts:

Come join the MIIS SOCCER tryouts this weekend and the weekend of 2/1, see following PDF flyer.


Any questions feel free to email Rafael Burgos, Scott Hernandez, Kyle Edgerton or Joseph Button via First Class.


Thanks to Max Perelman for this message about organic produce delivered to MIIS

CSA is back!  Weekly Thursday deliveries to the porch of Student Affairs of fresh picked organic produce (and flowers) is happening MARCH 19 – please sign up!  (5% DISCOUNT if you pay by Feb 16)

To sign up, contact Two Small Farms:

Cost is $20/week for a box. There are enough veggies in a box for two vegetarians / week.  This is by far the cheapest way to eat local and organic.

– But I want to support the Farmers’ Market…great!  The CSA boxes are mostly veggies so I buy my fruit, nuts, extra veggies, and snacks at the market.
– But I can’t choose what’s in the box…. Right, you only get what is perfectly ripe (picked that morning) and it comes with recipes!

CSA means “Community Supported Agriculture”. You pay up front and then receive produce throughout the season.  This provides local growers with much needed capital, while spreading the risk across the community. Buying CSA is the perfect way to vote with your wallet and support local organic farmers.

Here’s how it works:
– Call or email Two Small Farms and say, “I want to order a CSA box to be delivered to MIIS.”
– Then send them a check or give them your creditcard info – they have starter plans of 2 months…the season extends to November and then starts up again in the Spring. You get a discount if you buy the whole season.
– Stop by the porch of Student Affairs (across from the president’s
office) from 11:00am-Thursday to pick up your huge bag of goodies.  There will be a newsletter included with lots of great recipes and info on what you’re getting.  Much of the veggies are ancient varietals that will impress your friends!
– Fold up the box and wait for next week.
– If you forget to pick up your box or can’t pick it up some week then email/call Max Perelman at (831-917-7641).  If you don’t let him know then your box is “fair game” come Friday morning and Max will distribute the contents to starving students and pale-looking staff around campus.

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