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Please read the travel information for IPSS regarding international students and the IPSS Program. The Office of International Services would like to remind you that if you will be participating in IPSS and receiving any form of compensation for your time that you will need off campus work authorization from our office.

Please check with our office as soon as possible if this is the case. If you will be off campus on IPSS for next semester and wish to apply for OPT, please apply for OPT at the beginning of the semester before you leave.

If you are sponsored by the IIE, please make sure that your sponsoring organization knows you will be participating in IPSS.

Also, when you are on IPSS you will need to update your address with us. To update your address, please fill out and submit the online form at http://www.miis.edu/ois/opt.html.

Last but not least, as a reminder, the OIS website at http://www.miis.edu/ois.html is always available for your reference. If you have any questions, please let us know!

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