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Hello International Friends!

America will have a pivotal election in about six weeks. Both candidates are calling for CHANGE. What does CHANGE mean? What kinds of CHANGE are needed? How is it possible? What does it mean for you and me?

Come share your thoughts with us! This is not only a political discussion, by the way. The word “CHANGE” can be considered from so many different angles. Let’s hear what you have to say…and what others think…at ISI Monterey’s OPEN DISCUSSION CAFE this coming Friday night, 9/26.

Those who joined for the ODC on PEACE last week were not disappointed. It was an insightful time. Join us for a refreshing breakfrom your studies, offering an opportunity to connect with others:

TIME: 7:30 – 9:00 One-hour discussion, followed by dessert and informal time WHERE: At the home of (MIIS alumna) Carolyn & Dale DePalatis 7120 Oak Tree Place, Monterey, a ten-minute drive from downtown HOW TO GET THERE:Receive a ride – 7:00 pick-up @ MIIS Library parking lot,

7:15 @ theTrader Joe’s entrance, 7:20 @ the MPC Bus stop below MPC Library. Ifyou have a car, please help carpool and meet us at MIIS @ 7:00.

All receive a ride home or back to school between 9 – 9:30 PM.

This will be our last ODC for a little while. We will move into other group activities in October, to be announced soon

Questions? Email or call. And come with a friend! It’s more fun that way anyway!

International Students, Inc. (ISI) Monterey [ http://www.isimonterey.org/ ]www.isimonterey.org

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