Faculty research highlight at Middlebury College.

Research Suggests Possible Black Hole Merger.


The following represents student research performed at Middlebury College.


Studies of the Energy Generating Mechanisms in Redshift 4 Quasars
Jack Hunsicker, ’15, 2014 Autumn


Properties of Radio-Faint Quasars: Loudness and Reddening
Kathryn Kooistra, Muhlenberg ’15, KNAC/NSF/REU, 2014 Summer


Red Quasars, Black Hole Masses, and Accretion Rates
Adela Habib, ’15, 2014 Summer


Using Integral-Field Spectroscopy of Dust Obscured Quasars to Probe Quasar/Galaxy Co-Evolution
Maya Najarian, ’14, 2014 Spring


Identifying Red Quasar Host Galaxy Morphologies
Madeline Mailly, ’14, 2014 Spring


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