My letter to FX that will never get read…

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I have always been a fan of FX programming, original series like Rescue Me, The Shield, Nip/Tuck, It’s Always Sunny In Phillidelphia and The League.  This year I have been enjoying their new series Terriers very much.  I find the writing, acting, and general feel of the show to be excellent and what I have come to expect from the FX network.

I am very sad to hear that the ratings for the show have not been very high and that as the first season is about to come to a close the show finds itself in danger of being canceled.  In doing a web search about the show and it’s soon-to-be-decided fate, I was linked to many “Save Terriers!” sites or blogs.  In one article it gave an email address at FX that fans of the show should send emails to asking for the show not to be canceled.  Despite the obvious logic that no one will ever read my email and that it will not affect the shows fate at all, I decided to write a brief email explaining how much I enjoy both FX and Terriers and asking “whom it may concern” to please not cancel the show.

I am not exactly sure why I decided to do this, or why fans continue to create these “Save ______!!!” websites that seem to never actually save the show.  It got me thinking about which kinds of audiences programmers are looking for, whether there is any upside to having a smaller but dedicated core audience who are so invested in your show that they will take the time to send emails to anonymous executives in order to keep it on the air, or if the only way a show can survive is if it is a major hit right away targeting the widest possible demographic.

I think I am really just wondering what the chances are that one of my new favorite show will have a second season or not…

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