Our President Designate

Future Monterey Institute PresidentIn a few months, the reigns of the Monterey Institute will be passed to a new President, Dr. Sunder Ramaswamy. To learn about his life, aspirations, and future vision for the MIIS Community, check out this Foghorn newspaper article written by Amy Beck.

And if you’re in the Monterey area on October 21st, don’t miss the next Town Hall Meeting where you’ll be able to formally meet President Designate Ramaswamy! See details below in the Events Section.

Human Trafficking Awareness Week

Human trafficking. While it’s not the lightest subject in the world, it’s an incredibly relevant international issue. And it deserves the focus of this week’s “Spotlight on MIIS,” especially to highlight the efforts of the Monterey Institute’s STOP and Migration Club to give this subject the weight it truly deserves in the realm of international policy.

Human Trafficking Awareness Week

Human Trafficking Awareness Week commenced last Thursday with the on-campus screening of the film Trade and continued through the weekend with Bill Hillar’s Human Trafficking Workshop. Today a letter writing campaign – to persuade US representatives to extend TVPA legislation, which provides means to address human trafficking through advocacy and education – was held in the Samson Center Courtyard.

But that’s not all…Tuesday September 30th at 7:00PM STOP and Migration Club’s efforts culminate with a speaker panel of human trafficking experts in Irvine Auditorium. Read about the event details here, and don’t forget to show up if you’re in the area. Thanks for your time, and check back next week and the week after for more MIIS community news and events!

09.22.08: MIXIng and Mingling in Monterey

On September 16th, the Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS) launched its official Japanese language community on MIXI, the wildly popular Japanese social networking site with an estimated 19 million users.


The MIIS community page on MIXI contains news and information for prospective students as well as networking opportunities for current students and alumni. Participation is open to anyone who has a MIXI account!

This MIIS/MIXI has links to the Institute’s other web based communities, including the English Facebook page, the YouTube site, and the official Monterey Institute web page. The community site is being coordinated by Rob Horgan from the MIIS Admissions Department and Fumihiko Tominaga from the Graduate School of International Policy Studies.

Rob and Fumihiko are currently gathering content for the site. They would be happy to help anyone on the MIIS campus (faculty, administration or students) who would like to promote projects, research, announcements or news in Japanese on the Japanese social networking site.

09.15.08: Spring Entrance to MIIS

The fall semester has just begun…Students have scheduled their classes, bought their textbooks, and made fast friends. But that doesn’t mean that it’s too late to apply to the Institute’s programs, make some changes in your life, and embark on a journey to Monterey.    

The Admissions Office’s would like to remind you that they’re currently accepting applications for the 2009 Spring Semester. The application deadline for scholarship consideration is October 1st. Click here to begin your online application now!

09.08.08: Digital Media Play!


Maybe you’ve heard about them around campus? About the 2nd floor of Kade, its posse of sleek Apple products and work study students…The Teaching & Learning Collaborative (aka the Digital Media Commons) has busied itself lately with the task of sparking a digital revolution at the Monterey Institute! And here’s what they’re bringing us on Friday’s:        

TLC Friday: The BLOGosphere and You!
Friday September 12, 2008
Kade, Upstairs

You’ve heard of blogs, maybe you read one or two, and just maybe you have your own! During this TLC session, we will talk with Ann Flower, reference librarian at MIIS, and others on campus who have begun to explore the blog as a platform for communication and expression. Learn more about tools for blogging and exactly how they are being used as a platform for reflection and learning.

Still not sure what a blog is??!! Watch this video!

Join the discussion in person upstairs in Kade or remotely from the comfort of your office, sofa, or secret hideaway, upstreaming live at


Unable to join us this week? No worries! Plan to drop in next Friday same time, same place, new subject!
No Experience required!
First timers welcome!

09.01.08: Orientation Festivities!

The Monterey Institute kicked-off Orientation Week for new students last Monday, welcoming in the largest incoming class ever! Students from around the globe came, conquered the housing search, registered for fall courses, met their advisors, and mingled with each other during Thursday night’s New Student Welcome Reception.

Orientation Week Activities

Orientation Week also featured a series of team-building activities, including a campus-wideScavenger Hunt. These were designed by returning MIIS students to encourage the incoming class to socialize across the graduate schools, cultures, and languages and to begin building their global professional/social network…invaluable resources for years to come!

Stayed tuned to ‘Spotlight on MIIS” in the coming weeks for more stories about the new student class and their MIIS experiences!!

Grand Opening: MIIS Online Bookstore

That’s right! We have a bookstore.

Open 24 hours, seven days a week, The Monterey Institute’s Virtual Bookstore can now be found at http://bookstore.miis.edu. Buy and sell your textbooks online with access to convenient, low-rate shipping offers.

What’s that you say? Nobody told you that California was foggy and cold? No problem! Stay warm AND stylish with awesome MIIS logo gear, and don’t worry about waiting in long lines in orientation week – you can do it all from your computer, anytime and anywhere!

Cool huh? How should you celebrate? How about by spending someone else’s money? Whether you’ve got student loans or a corner office – that’s always fun!

Along with Middlebury College we are giving away 20 gift certificates for $50 each, redeemable at both the Monterey and Middlebury online bookstores! Don’t tell me you couldn’t use a free book or some stylish new MIIS gear.
It’s easy to enter – Whether student or alum just follow these simple steps:

1) RSVP to the promotion event: (Say you’re coming!)

2) Visit the Middlebury College Bookstore page (link below) and do 2 things:

  • Become a fan of the Middlebury Bookstore
  • Become a friend of Robert Jansen (the manager of both bookstores) – he’s a friendly guy, he’ll accept your request right away!

There’s a link on the right hand side to do both:


That’s it. You’re done. You are now entered to win. How easy was that?

The winners will be announced on Friday September 5, 2008; each winner will receive a personal email.

In the meantime figure out what you’re gonna buy http://bookstore.miis.edu. So many choices!

08.25.08: The IPSS X-perience

The last few weeks of August are a time when the new student class – originating from locations across the globe – inundates the Monterey Institute campus…

But before this occurs, a veteran group of MIIS students – participants from the six-month, intensive International Professional Service Semester program – come home from far and wide, from Geneva, Vienna, Beijing, New York, and Washington DC. They return to us from prestigious organizations such as The United Nations, World Bank, and World Trade Organization, to share their practiced knowledge. On August 19th and 20th, these students convened in the McGowan Building to discuss the results of their field experiences and research at the 2008 IPSS Capstone Conference and Closing Ceremony: two days of panel presentations entitled “Effecting Change: Proactive Leadership in International Policy!”

For a list of MIIS program participants and their esteemed IPSS positions click here!

For more information about the International Professional Service Semester program -a program which can only be found at the Monterey Institute! – including how to apply for Spring 2010 and who to seek on campus for guidance follow this link.

08.18.08: The “MIIS Casa” Debut!

MTV has “Cribs” and now at long last MIIS has “Casas”. It’s the long awaited debut of the MIIS Casa series (MIIS Casa-One Bedroom) with a look into Kabir Archuletta’s awesome pad. Whether you’re an incoming or returning student of The Monterey Institute, everyone needs a place to live, and the time to secure housing has arrived! In order to ease yourself into this process, check out Kabir’s pad on ourYouTube Channel. And don’t forget to read last week’s MIIS update from the Student Affairs Officeon helpful housing tips
YouTube Video: Student lifestyles at the Monterey Institute of International Studies. For the first episode of MIIS Casa, check out Kabir’s one bedroom apartment in New Monterey, three blocks from the Aquarium and Cannery Row.
Go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNrr_kIwxe8 to watch now!
Good Night & Good Luck!

08.11.08: Tips for your Housing Search!

Greetings New Students!     

We recognize that finding housing can be one of the most challenging aspect of relocating to Monterey. Here are a few tips to help facilitate this process!

1 Attend one of our Housing and Insurance Information Sessions from August 12th through August 22nd (Tuesday-Friday), 10am-11am in the Holland Center.
2 Allow for at least 3-5 days to find housing.
3 Access housing resources from the Student Affairs Office on a daily basis to receive the most current rental information.
4 The most helpful housing resources to utilize are: our student housing database, Craig’s List, rental listings with property management companies, and the classifieds section of the local newspaper.
5 This rental market in Monterey may be quite different than what you are accustomed to. Many of the rentals are older and may not have new carpet, an updated kitchen, etc. So, if you find something that you like but it’s not the “ideal” place, you may still want to consider taking it. Rentals go quickly, and if you wait to find that “perfect” place, you may find yourself still looking for housing after many days!
6 Looking for housing is a “full time job,” so it is important that you devote enough time to this process!
7 Please come to the Student Affairs Office if you have any questions or need assistance. We are located at 440 Van Buren Street, and we are open 9am-5pm Monday through Friday.


Our housing website is:


Our email is: student.affairs@miis.edu

Good luck in your housing search and welcome to the Monterey Institute!

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