Robert McCleery was a featured speaker at the Second Conference on Integrated Social Policies in Egypt, July 4-5, 2009 in Cairo. The conference was organized by the Egyptian Ministry of Social Solidarity, and was attended by that Minister (H.E. Aly Moselhy), the Minister of Housing, National Democratic Party rising star Gamal Mobarak, representatives of other parties and ministries, representatives of domestic and international NGOs, and other foreign experts. Prof. McCleery headed the second session: Making Basic Services Reach the Poor. He presented a refined and targeted version of the “Development as Connectivity” story, first presented with Prof. De Paolis at the Faculty Research brown bag series, organized by Prof. Kardam, last spring. The presentation also drew on their joint research, presented in a consulting report to the United Nations Development Program, New York, titled: Making Infrastructure Work for the Poor.


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