It’s that time again!…

As the HR office indicated in a message to all staff in June, the Staff Performance Evaluation period for this year began on August 1 and extends through November 15.  If you have not yet initiated the evaluation process for yourself, or for those you supervise, please consider doing so soon to avoid the last minute rush.

Here’s a recap of the original communication:

This year, because of the number of adjustments in staff positions and supervisors resulting from administrative reorganization, we have decided to shift the staff performance evaluation period until later in the year.

This year, the performance evaluation process will commence August 1 and run through November 15.  This will allow enough time for staff to become accustomed to new responsibilities, and for supervisory relationships to develop.

While we would like for the evaluation process to be constructive and forward-looking, we would also like to acknowledge staff performance prior to the reorganization.  For this reason, we have incorporated into the process a requirement that when a supervisory relationship is less than six months old, input from the previous supervisor should be included.  The form has been revised to provide for this requirement.

The form has also been revised slightly to reflect a need for a more meaningful rating scale in the “general performance” areas such as attendance.


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