The following guidelines are adapted from Middlebury’s policy on the use of college email.  We think they make sense for us as well, and would like to ask that all members of the community to follow them.

1. Messages must relate directly to College business. Announcements of non-college events should be handled through other channels.

2. E-mail messages should be avoided for College events already listed on-line or in publications, unless there is significant supplemental information or last-minute changes in location or time.

Currently, everyone has the ability to send an all faculty or all staff message, and it would be wonderful if everyone could voluntarily use these guidelines so that we don’t have to restrict access.

When the students return in the fall, we will need to adopt similar guidelines for messages to all students, and student messages to faculty and staff.

We understand that there is a need for a place to post “classifieds” and other messages of a more personal nature, and we are working on a solution.

Thanks for your patience!


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