One of the highlights of Commencement and Inauguration weekend was Sunder’s Top Ten list, which we share here:

The Top 10 reasons why I accepted the presidency at the Monterey Institute of International Studies

10. When I moved from Middlebury College to the Madras School of Economics in Madras, India, I was looking for another place that began with an “M”.
9.  The Board of Trustees offered free passes to the aquarium.
8.  I looove the smell of fog in the morning.
7.  No spring mud season – yeah !!
6.  Nobody says “no” to Clara Yu!
5.  I thought this was DLI…
4.  Monterey’s zip code 93940 is cooler and closer to 90210 than Middlebury’s 05753.
3.  I wanted to have a golf game.
2.  I wanted a real challenge, like being a college president during a historic economic meltdown.

And the number one reason for me to join the Monterey Institute…

1.    I always dreamed of one-upping Dave Letterman by having my Top 10 List translated into seven languages.

On a more serious academic note, Sunder’s remarks at the Inaugural Symposium are attached.


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