The ideas were presented at the idea fair on April 16th and 187 MIIS community members gave feedback to the pizza groups. All the ideas where seen as in line with the strategic plan of the Institute and will move forward in some way.  The pizza groups deserve a big CONGRATULATIONS for all their hard work and for their vision of making MIIS a better place.

The groups will be meeting with Lynn McDonald to discuss next steps.  Some groups might start to implement their ideas quickly and others will continue to research and look into important issues such as sustainability, needs and phasing.  It’s a process!

For more information about the pizza process and various pizza ideas, stop by our booth at the Inauguration Symposium on May 15th from 1 – 5 pm or visit our social network.

Innovation does not only happen with pizza – keep thinking of ideas and stop by Kade to continue the conversation!

2009 Innovators


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