Spring is the time of year when applicants to graduate schools are making
decisions about where to attend. They have received their financial aid
packages, know about their scholarships, and are trying to narrow down
their options for fall. Making a personal connection to a MIIS person
might be all it takes to help them realize that a MIIS degree is worth the
substantial investment involved.

If you are traveling this spring or summer, we would love to set up a
meeting with applicants/admitted students. These gatherings are
generally small groups that meet in a local restaurant or bar for
appetizers and drinks or coffee and sweets– which ever is most
appropriate. They generally last 2 hours and can be done during the day or
evening. We can often set them up to meet at your hotel restaurant. The
Recruiting Department handles all of the invites, RSVPs, and sets the
location. We would provide you with an RSVP list in advance and reimburse
your expenses for the event.

It will take all of us in the community to reach this fall’s enrollment goal.

Please contact Jill Stoffers by email (or at 647-6571), or your Enrollment Manager if you are able to help us yield the next class. Thank you!


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