Do you know someone on campus who’s making an effort to go green? Then
nominate him or her for a MIIS Green Award. Nominees need not be changing
the world on a huge scale–we’re looking for ordinary people who are
trying to incorporate elements of sustainable living into their daily
routines. That might mean biking to school rather than driving, using the
school’s composting bins, assigning electronic readings rather than
printed ones, advocating native plant landscaping on campus, or any other
“green” practice, large or small. (You tell us!) You may nominate as many
deserving candidates as you wish.

The Environmental Task Force will select one winner each month, beginning
in early March. Winners’ profiles will be published in the Foghorn, and
each winner will receive a gift certificate to a local “green” business.

Nominate someone today by following this link.

Contact Emily at with any questions.


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