The Institute welcomes a new online scholarly journal, The Pathfinder, a Journal of Peace and Conflict Studies. Editor Yasasvin Nandish Wijetilleke, a 2008 graduate of the MAIPS program at MIIS, assembled the first issue, along with faculty advisor Dr. Pushpa Iyer, Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the Conflict Resolution Program.

As described in its “About” message, the Pathfinder “publishes research papers that further the understanding of conflict by evaluating and challenging existing methods for preventing and ending violence.  It also examines and proposes innovative approaches to building peace.  Research articles in the journal explore issues such as identity, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, culture, human rights, non-violence, social change, social justice, social movements, human and environmental security, sustainable development, governance and democracy.”

It includes research papers, stories of war and peace, personal reflections on issues of peace and conflict, and book and film reviews.

Thanks to the students, alums and faculty who have brought us this rich resource!


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